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Artwork Requirements, Photo Engraving & Costs 

We have lots of ready to use artwork on file that can be engraved onto any of our/your items. Please just ask if you would like to know whether we already have your particular logo/patch.  
If you would like to supply your own artwork for engraving it must be submitted in a format which can be used as is. 
If it is supplied in any other format, we can still use it, however we will have to charge for the time required to turn it into an engravable design. 
Format Requirements 
- Solid black and white only – no colours, shading or tints of grey. 
- 300dpi minimum. 
- Same size or larger than required. 
- No lines thinner than 1pt. 
- jpeg, tiff, pdf, cpt, cdr and other file formats acceptable. 
Artwork Costs 
If we do not have any artwork on file that meets your requirements, we can create artwork for you from scratch, or use any photo/drawing you provide to create an engravable piece of artwork from. 
We charge per 30 minutes for creating artwork, most artwork is created in a maximum of 1 hour. 
0-30 minutes (minimum charge) = £24.00 
30-60 minutes = £48.00 
e.g. see examples: 1 = 1 hour, 2=30 minutes. 
1. No Good 
2. No Good 
3. No Good 


We can also engrave photos onto many of our/your items. This is achieved by creating a halftone artwork from your photograph. This is only possible if your photograph meets the following criteria. 
- Good quality - 300dpi & large size. 
- Good lighting with high contrast. 
- Not blurry or fuzzy. 
If this criteria is met then we can create a halftone from your photograph, this comes as an additional cost similar to the above cost. 
Halftone photo creation = £24.00 
In some cases photo editing is required to cutout a person from a background etc., or you may require a test to check the result is satisfactory, these are additional costs detailed below. 
Photo Editing: see Artwork Costs (same charge) 
Halftone Test: 8x8cm max = £10.00 per test 
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