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Adding artwork to your order 

We are happy to add images to your order. 
When an image is engraved black areas will be etched into the glass and white areas will be left clear. Any grey tones or colours cannot be reproduced in an engraving. 
With this in mind, artwork should preferably be supplied as a high definition black/white image, minimum 300dpi and in an image format (JPEG, GIF, TIFF etc..) The quality of the design can only be as good as the image provided. 
If you're unsure about any images please contact us and we will be happy to advise you. If you send over an image which we feel will not engrave to a high quality we will always contact you before commencing work on your order to discuss it. 

Artwork services 

If you have a drawing which does not meet the specifications, for example is not in black and white format or not of a high quality we may still be able to work with it. 
We offer a redraw service which means that we can work with almost any image, as illustrated below. This service starts at £15.00 and varies depending on the amount of work needed to create a usable image. We will always advise you of the charge before carrying out any work. 

Engraving Photographs 

We can engrave your photograph onto glass! 
If you can send us a clear high quality digital copy of the photograph you would like engraved we can convert it into a halftone image which we are then able to engrave from. As with the other images if we feel it will not engrave to a suitable standard or is not of a high enough resolution we will contact you before we carry out any work. Prices start at £20.00. 
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